Current Classes Being Offered
  1. Improv Workshop, Taught by Renegade Improv's Katy Helbacka and Andy Bennett

To enroll online for a class at StageNorth
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You must have an account in the StageNorth ticketing system. This page is a description of the account creation process as well as the enrollment process. Please look this page over then follow the link at the bottom so your enrollment will go smoothly.


1. First you will be brought to the Account sign-in page. You may either sign-in to your existing account or create a new one. Enter your existing account login information and click LOG IN or click Create Patron Account.

2. If you are creating a new login you will be asked to fill in all of this information. If you are logging in to an existing account you will still come to this page and be asked to verify your information. When finished entering or verifying the information click Save and Continue.

3. On this next page you may enter emergency contact information, if you wish. This might be a good idea if you are enrolling your child in a class. You may also add your children as members of your household so that they may be registered. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please click the link in the "Release Signed?" column for each member of the family who will be attending a class.

Once this data is entered you need to click Continue.

4. This next page is simple, click on the name of the class for which someone in your household is enrolling.

5. You MUST Select one household member at a time for enrollment. On this page select a household member and then click Continue.

6. You may be presented with a few questions. Answers to some of these questions might be required. Answer those and any other you wish to answer then click Continue.

7. You are then presented with the shopping cart page where you can enter your payment information. If you hit the Continue Shopping button you will be sent back to the Pick A Class page.

8. If you are ready to go follow this link here to get started ... and thanks!