Frequently Asked Questions

I can't get my tickets to print at home ... what should I do?

    • Arrive at the theater a little earlier than normal and asked the Box Office to reprint your ticket. No Problem!

I have purchased tickets to a performance but I can no longer make it to that performance, what can I do?

    • As a rule, tickets are not refundable or exchangeable - BUT - if you fill out this Exchange Form we will see if we can accommodate your request.

I had tickets to a performance but I was unable to attend. Can I get my money back or use those tickets for a future performance?

    • Again, as a rule, tickets are not refundable or exchangeable. We are unable to refund your unused tickets but we will gladly convert what you paid for your tickets to a tax deductible contribution if you fill out f you fill out this Exchange Form. I you would like to exchange your tickets for a later performance, fill out this Exchange Form and we will see if we can accommodate your request.

Can I buy a gift card to give as a gift this holiday season?

    • Neither StageNorth nor the Groundlings are offering GIFT CARDS at this time. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I would like to help with building sets, hanging lights, finding props, building and/or finding costumes, stage crew during performances, animal wrangling during performances, actor wrangling during performances, or any other myriad of really fun and rewarding off-stage responsibilities. What should I do?

    • Fill out this Production Volunteer Form and someone will contact you.

Wondering when auditions are for the next production?

"Any chance you will have a show on (some future date)?"

    • Yes, there is always a chance. But if it's not on the public calendar we are unable to publicly verify the existence of such a production ... sorry.

"Hey! I have a great act. Any chance you would be willing to present my act at your fabulous venue?!?"

    • Sure. Send an email to booking@stagenorth.com. This is a very new part of our business and so we are not saying yes to very many of these requests. Of the hundreds of artists we hear from every year (amazingly), we might pick 2-4 to present.

"Can we usher for (some future event)?"

    • Sure! Check the Volunteer Signup Page for these opportunities. If the specific Production/performance is not listed, check back, it will be soon.

"I would like to purchase tickets to a show but I will not put my credit card information into a web form. How do I get tickets?"

    • You can always purchase tickets at the box office starting 45 minutes prior to a performance, although you do risk the chance that the performance will be sold out. Otherwise you can will out this Ticket Request Form and someone will contact you to take your order. Please understand that we have no regular box office staff so it may be some time before your request is noticed and you are contacted. Please only use this form FAR IN ADVANCE of the performance you wish to attend.

"I have just purchased tickets online but during the process I did not get a chance to pick my seats. What happened?!?"

    • Most events at StageNorth are General Admission meaning that you get to pick your own seat at the time of the performance. The house generally opens 30 minutes before the curtain time stated on your ticket. As soon as the house opens you may enter the theater and place your coat on a seat, thus reserving that seat for you. The sooner you arrive to the theatre then better the chance you will get the seat of your choice. You can then go back to the lobby and enjoy a beverage prior to taking your seat for the performance.

"I have a question that you have not addressed in this frequently asked questions list ... I must be super special!"

    • You ARE special! But then so are all of our wonderful patrons :) In this case, please fill out our standard Contact Us Form and we will see if we can address your question.